Are you a Mum who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed and sleep deprived?

In an instant, you are responsible for this precious new life. Full of excitement and joy, you embark on this journey of motherhood. But, you quickly realise that being a Mum is hard. Constant judgement, unwanted advice, sleeplessness, disempowerment and loneliness are wearing you down.

What if I told you there was a better way, a way where you could gain your life back?

My programmes will give you back the control, and help you feel empowered to enjoy your journey ahead as a family.


Hi, I am Trish. I am the passionate, adventure-racing, fly-fishing, lounge-dancing, supportive Baby Specialist who is here to help you be you again.

Because I am a nurturer, it was no surprise to my friends and family when I chose nursing as my career path 20 years ago. Also, I always knew I would be a mother. While raising my three gorgeous children, I became very aware of the lack of support for mothers. There is plenty of information and advice centred around the baby, but very little advice for Mums.

It saddens me that sleep deprivation has become an accepted part of motherhood. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy for your body, but also your mind. Continued sleep deprivation can be a contributing factor to anxiety and depression. I want to help you get your sleep back, and create a life that suits your family.

You have become a mum in an instant. I give you permission to feel whatever you need to feel to be true to yourself.

You don’t have to undertake the journey of motherhood alone. I am here to help you…

  • Create good plans that fit in with your family
  • Establish healthy sleep and feeding patterns in a non-judgmental way
  • Help you regain your health and fitness
  • Help you get your balance back
  • Pre-arm expecting mums with vital knowledge
  • Encourage you to listen to your gut feelings from the beginning
  • Keep the life you want

Do you want to live your life with confidence and hold your head high again? Then get in touch with me today.