Coaching Packages

Pre and Postnatal individual one on one coaching 

6 weeks/ 3 months/ 6 months- more details coming soon 

You will receive invaluable hands-on support. All coaching packages are designed to give you unique ongoing advice/support for either 6 weeks/ 3 months or 6 months.

All options  include home consults within the Auckland area or outside of Auckland upon request.

All coaching includes Skype calls, email support and online informative information and unlimited contact with Trish.

  • Establishing feeding, both breast and bottle
  • Recognising baby’s needs and yours
  • Creating positive sleep patterns
  • Settling and resettling
  • Swaddling techniques
  • Expressing
  • Bathing your baby and relaxation massage
  • Bedtime routines
  • Nutrition advice
  • Fitness advice
  • Balancing your baby’s needs and yours
  • Holistic therapy available

..and so much more

These packages are tailored to each individual family’s needs.

Contact Trish to discuss which coaching package best suits you and your family.