Sleep and Feeding Packages

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Home Visit :

Rescue Package-2 hours ($240)

Rescue package  is one of the most popular packages. I come and see you at home and work along side you to help you establish better routines. Giving you hands-on tools and teach you how to help settle and resettle your baby. Talk about the importance of developmental stages, help you recognise your baby’s sleep and feeding cues, sleep regressions, importance of recognising your babies voluntary and involuntary reflexes and so much more.

 All packages are customised to your families needs with a holistic approach.

All packages will cover challenges with:

  • Sleep, especially the 30 min naps/cat napping
  • Setting techniques
  • Recognising baby’s cues
  • Developmental stages
  • Feeding, breastfeeding and bottle feeding establishing good day and night routines to fit in with your family.

Blossom package – extended into the evening or overnight ($320+)

Skype calls: 30- 60 mins ($97)

Skype calls can be really great if you need to discuss a challenge such as settling or other behavioural patterns that that need addressing. These are night wakings, short naps, cat napping and sleep regressions.

Email support: $47

All packages come with 2 week email/phone follow-up.