Swaddle- Love to dream

How babies sleep settle and what helps them can be very different from one baby to the next.

Not all babies sleep well swaddled.

Not all babies like the patting and shushing as this can actually overstimulate them.

This is especially so for the love to dream swaddle.

Many new mum buy this type of swaddle/sleeping sac for their newborn babies.

For very newborn babies under the age of 2 weeks these swaddles can be great.

However as your baby grows stronger, becomes more aware of their environment and is starting to stretch and move around a little more. These swaddles can be more of a hinderance than a great sleep tool.

Babies love to stretch out their hands above their head just like us when we wake.

As you can see by the picture there isn’t much room for your baby to stretch and there is limited amount of movement especially when your baby is growing.

I find babies grow out of these suits very quickly.

Also when you are finding that when your baby wakes with very wet material around their hands, they are looking at sucking for self soothing which is best done by skin to skin contact. It’s at this time getting rid of the swaddle altogether and transferring your baby to a sleeping bag is your best option.

It may take a few days for your baby to get used to a little more freedom but they will thank you for it as they can find their fingers or thumbs to suck for self settling and also stretch and move without limitations.

If your baby is a dream sleeper in this type of swaddle then why change.

Just keep in mind that when they are changing their sleep patterns that it could be they are needing a change of sleep attire.

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