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Each and every one of you have the power to create an amazing journey for you and your baby.

I believe that every mum deserves to feel confident.

With over 20 years experience as a mum and a health professional, I’m here to help you boost the knowledge you already have, take your intuition to the next level and feel empowered to learn your needs as well as your baby’s needs.

I have helped hundreds of women give themselves permission to enjoy, trust and feel awesome about themselves again even with a baby buy their side.

Having a baby by your side doesn’t change who you are.


Packages Available



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Rescue Package

Sleep help

You’re exhausted because of lack of sleep, your baby’s naps are inconsistent during the day or only lasting for 30 to 45 min at a time. Baby is feeding frequently with no sleep in between.

You’re feeling tired, overwhelmed and frustrated.

This rescue package will give you the confidence boost you deserve, a hands-on nurturing approach while giving you the tools to give you back the power you need to enjoy your journey ahead.

Help with:

  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding
  • Cat napping
  • Settling and resettling techniques
  • Swaddling or other alternatives
  • Learning your baby’s cues
  • Sleep props and how they play a part in your baby’s sleep

Home visit – 2 hours Plus

$240 (within 20 km radius in Auckland), or $295 if more travelling is required.

Baby plan and follow-up via phone or email included for 1 week plus settling  E-book inlcuded.


Bountiful Package

Evening and Overnight

You’re sleep-deprived. Your baby is not settling in the evening or is awake all night. You maybe struggling through the witching hour.

This is a more comprehensive package that will give you more support over a longer period of time, or after hours.

You can split this package into a couple of visits, e.g. if you have challenges around the witching hour but also in settling your baby at night. Options available.

Help with:

  • Feeding, especially in the evening or during the night.
  • Bath and bedtime  routine
  • Settling and resettling techniques
  • Witching hour
  • Night wakings
  • Dream feeding

Home visits based on hourly rates or packages to suit the family needs.

Starting at $60 an hour Min of 4 hours

Follow up via email or phone included.


Blossoming Package

This package is created to start from late pregnancy up to 6 weeks after your baby’s arrival.

You will receive invaluable hands-on support. Because there is so much emphasis on your labour and birth, mums are not prepared once they bring baby home. As a mum and nurse, I know the importance of knowledge, confidence and the value of time to a new mum.

Help with:

  • Establishing feeding, both breast and bottle
  • Recognising baby’s needs and yours
  • Creating positive sleep patterns
  • Settling and resettling
  • Swaddling techniques
  • Expressing
  • Bathing your baby and relaxation massage
  • Bedtime routines
  • Nutrition advice
  • Fitness advice
  • Balancing your baby’s needs and yours
  • Holistic therapy available
  • ..and so much more

These packages are tailored to each individual family’s needs.

Based on an hourly rate or we can create a package for you.


Follow-up via phone or email included unlimited.


Skype Calls

A great way to gain clarity and find solutions for any challenges you have with your baby.

We can set up a convenient time to chat with me while we find the best way to tackle feeding or sleep-related issues.


Follow-up via email or phone included.