Don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Studies indicate that having a postnatal support  to help you immediately or soon after the birth of your baby can reduce your risk of postnatal anxiety and depression, make breastfeeding easier, provide you with more confidence in your ability to care for your little one, leave you more satisfied in your relationship with your partner, and facilitate affectionate bonding between you and your baby.

I would love to be able to work along side you – find out more or book your free 15 min call 

Postnatal Help( Doula)


Helping you connect with your baby with confidence 

One on one support, working along side you to help you navigate the transition into motherhood holistically.

Every mum deserves to enjoy their newborn without feeling anxious, sleep deprived and judged. 

I love seeing mums thrive with knowledge and trusting their own intuition to enjoy her new journey. 


 Sleep & Feeding


Common challenges for new mums are knowing how to confidently settle their babies.

Babies waking frequently during the night, catnapping, sleep regressions and witching hour.  

I can help you find solutions holistically while also looking after you as a mum.

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How I can help

With extensive experience as a mum and nurse I will help you find the joy in having your baby share your life.

Becoming a parent is the most amazing journey and will also be the most memorable. Allow me to help you enjoy this journey by giving you knowledge and confidence.

Based on developmental stages, research and past experiences, you and your baby will get the best and most rewarding start.