Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging, fascinating and rewarding stage of adult life – it brings with it the expected and the unexpected.

With the philosophy of empowering women by imparting knowledge, I use a holistic approach to help you gain the confidence to create a content and happy baby. I walk beside you, helping you nurture your precious wee baby, but also helping you take care of yourself in the process. By finding the right solutions, you will experience the joy and balance all mums are looking for.

Your own energy, and confidence, plays a big part in making the transition into parenthood a smooth and rewarding one. Helping families create better outcomes is something I am passionate about. 

Providing simple steps for you to follow, I will  guide you through the process to ensure a successful outcome. Even in some of the most difficult situations, I have been able to help mums and dads renew their energy, build their confidence and create a warm and harmonious family environment.

As your personal Baby Consultant , I will provide non-judgmental support, information and guidance.

During the past 25 years working along side pregnant mothers and first time mums, I have noticed how little support and guidance mums are receiving. Mums are often left to fend for themselves. Heading home hours after birth without their support networks around them.

The first 2-6 weeks can be the hardest.

The expectations for you to be able to naturally breastfeed you baby is real but certainly not reality. It’s take time, effort and a lot of guidance and support to help you through your breastfeeding journey.

You may not want to breastfeed and that’s ok too.

Getting to know your baby and bonding with your baby in the first few days can be a very different experience for each mum. It’s important to recognise all mums and babies are unique individuals.

As a postnatal nurse I will help you gain confidence even before your baby arrives. Discussing with you your parenting styles, feeding choices and how we can set up support systems around you to help you enjoy your transition into motherhood holistically.

Education is better than intervention.

Having another person who has your back with extensive experience working with new mums and their little ones will prevent postnatal anxiety and depression by 70%.

I would love to help you enjoy your newborn from day one.



Postnatal Help


I am very passionate about giving you the best and  gentle support you deserve! As a postnatal specialist , I will be there to facilitate a smooth transition to becoming a new mother. The early weeks can be overwhelming – a friendly, understanding and supportive person by your side  is invaluable.

My aim is to enable new mothers to spend this special time with their baby by taking away some of the pressures that new mums often experience, especially when it comes to feeding and sleep. 

Every mum deserves to enjoy their newborn without feeling anxious, sleep deprived and judged. 



 Sleep & Feeding 


Sleep is like a nutrient. Helping your baby sleep confidently will help them tackle any challenges that they may come across as they grow.

Babies love consistency and knowing when to settle your baby, recognising your baby’s cues and helping them feel confident and comfortable in their bed is important. Feeding and sleep are related and when I help mums find better solutions to their sleep challenges this also includes looking at their feeding patterns. If you are having challenges with your baby’s sleep I would love to help you. 


The key to gaining confidence as a new mum is knowledge.

Based on developmental stages, research and past experiences, you and your baby will get the best and most rewarding start.