Trish Martin

A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be a distant dream

I’m New Zealand’s Baby Coach, and I help happy parents raise happy babies

Meet Trish Martin
Baby consultant & postnatal educator and practitioner
I know right now you might be feeling tired, overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting information out there. Which is why I’m so glad you’ve found me. As a newborn consultant, I’ll empower you with the right knowledge and supportive guidance, so you can trust that instinct that already exists within you, and confidently make choices that nurture both you and your baby.
My guidance is nurturing, it’s judgement-free, it’s practical and most importantly it is completely tailored to what’s best for you, your family and your baby. My aim is to ensure you feel confident and secure through this new, beautiful journey, so you can stop second-guessing yourself, actually enjoy every moment of these precious months and experience the joy and balance you had expected parenthood to bring.
A restful sleep, a settled baby and a relaxed mumma – yes, it is all possible. I’d love to chat more about how I can support you and your family.


“As I’m sitting writing this review my little cherub is drifting off into the second sleep cycle. 
Trish worked some baby whispering magic and after a home visit on the weekend with some tips and advice, my little boy is sleeping so much better with only one wake up at night. Prior he was waking every two hours and I was a walking zombie. My routine was all over the place, having a two year old as well as a baby is hard work, so I desperately wanted to get this sorted. 
Trish put me on to a feeding schedule which has been wonderful and so much better for my little ones tummy! 
If you want sleep and a little bit of yourself back then I highly recommend Trish!” Lisa Aitken



As a mum, former obstetrics nurse, massage therapist, fitness trainer and passionate advocate for women’s health, I’ve had plenty of hands-on experience providing nurturing holistic advice and support to pregnant mothers and first-time mums. I will walk beside you, helping you nurture your precious new baby, but also helping you take care of yourself in the process. 
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Blossom Package/Coaching

Postnatal support for new mums and mums-to-be 

It can be an overwhelming feeling, realising you’re now – or soon to be – in charge of a tiny human being. But, it’s time to put those worries and insecurities aside. Mumma, you’ve got this – and I’ll show you how. The Blossoming Package is designed to support and guide both mums-to-be and new mums as you prepare for, and begin your motherhood journey in those first few weeks of discovery. This is a learning process for everyone; I’m here to guide you through that, help take away those pressures you’re feeling and allow you to focus on strengthening the beautiful bond between you and your baby.

The Rescue Package

Sleep & feeding support for new parents

Everywhere you turn, there are messages reinforcing your experience of sleepless nights, so it must be normal, right? What if I told you, it doesn’t have to be this way? The Rescue Package is designed to support you in understanding both feeding and sleep routines for your newborn baby, particularly within those challenging first 6 weeks. Helping your baby sleep and feed confidently will help them (and you!) tackle any challenges that they may come across as they grow. I’ve helped hundreds of parents finally – and consistently – get a good night’s sleep. If that’s something you’ve been dreaming of, I would love to help you, too. 

The key to gaining confidence as a new mum is knowledge.

Based on developmental stages, research and past experiences, you and your baby will get the best and most rewarding start.