Baby fussy on the breast!

One of the many reasons why your baby may be fussy on the breast especially later in the day, is because your flow of milk is slower.

🤱The milk flows quicker and easier the fuller the breast.

Morning breastfeeds tend to be easier for this reason.

🤱The production of milk is consistent so your breasts are never empty but it does take time to fill up the breast for the flow to be better for feeding. This is different for every mum and is also dependant on lactation itself.

🤱More milk is stored the more time there is between feeds.

🤱 Let-down is also stronger the more milk you have stored. This is why sometimes babies prefer one side over the other.

🤱Let-down is most often associated with oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin is the releasing hormone.

Oxytocin is affected by stress levels. So the more tired and anxious you are especially towards the end of the day. Your letdown will be slower because you are producing less oxytocin.

One more thing

While the hormone prolactin is responsible for the production of milk. This is why they say feed as often as you can for stimulation, even if you are exhausted.

Prolactin is more available when oxytocin is readily available.

This is why stress is a big factor for the production of milk.

You might hear others say frequent feedings are great for supply but this is counterproductive if you are feeling stressed and sleep deprived.

So a happy medium is key.

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