Baby Mobiles – do we need them?

🐝Mobiles: are they a good tool or a gadget babies can do without?

Like many other gadgets such as white noise, monitors and sleep props, it comes down to how and when we use them that will ultimately give you the benefits they provide.

Some babies need many tools to help them to settle or rest while others are fine with the bare minimum.

Mobiles are to some extent a sleep prop however it can also provide and reassurance and confidence. 👶

All three of my children had mobiles above their cots.

As I settled them into their cot they loved watching the little figurines move around accompanied by a soft jingle like a nursery rhyme or lullaby.

When at home for naps and the first evening sleep the association of seeing their mobile allowed them the recognise that it was sleep time.

I would turn it on and they would follow attentively for a few minutes as the motion and the music would start to slow down.

If they were unsettled I would turn it back on BUT that would be the last time.

I made a point not to go back several times when they made a sound or cried. Using other methods to help them settle were implemented when needed.

Two to three times was the maximum.

This is the challenge with anything that can provide a prop for sleeping.

If I was to go back in, time and time again, then they would expect me to continue this scenario. 🤦‍♀️

It would not be beneficial for them nor myself or anyone else that would settle them.

Mobiles also provide security. 👮‍♀️

When your baby sees the mobile above their bed in daylight hours as they settle they also see it as they wake.

This helps them with recognition and familiarization around sleep and their surroundings.

I would recommend if you decide to use a mobile it’s not best used for the sleep in the night-time.

Night time is for minimal sleep props as this will create more confidence with zero noise and darkness to help them sleep well in the future. 😇

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