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Rescue Package       

The rescue package  is an essential package when you are struggling to get your baby to sleep. Common challenges mum are frequently discovering are 30 min naps, waking frequently in the night, very unsettled baby in the late afternoon which is often referred to the witching hour and a baby who is endlessly feeding with no rest in between. This can be painstakingly debilitating which leads to a sleep deprived mum and a very grumpy baby. 

What if I told you it doesn’t need to be this way.

I can help you, by giving you step by step, practical advice that will transform your confidence. Apply simple tools to create a more positive sleep environment for both you and your baby. 

  I come and see you at home and work along side you to help you gain CONFIDENCE and establish good routines.

All packages are customised to your families needs with a holistic approach.

All packages will cover challenges with:

  • Sleep- Helping you recognise your baby’s needs around sleep for day naps and night time setting and helping your baby sleep longer. 

  • Settling techniques- It’s important to know what works for your baby and what doesn’t. Tools such as patting, shushing, white noise and other techniques isn’t for every baby. We work together to find solutions to help your baby sleep better.  

  • Recognising your baby’s cues- especially sleep cues.

  • Developmental stages and how they relate to sleep and feeding.

  •  Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support and expressing without judgement. 

  • Helping you gain confidence and trust your intuition.

..plus helping you establish routines that fit in with you and your family.


$240 Book Now 


Blossom Package – extended into the evening or overnight      

An extension of the rescue package to help you with:

-Witching hour

-Bathing and settling your baby for the night.

-Introduction to dream-feeding.

Having your partner at this time by your side to gain more knowledge and support and give you both  tools together makes it so much easier to get a better nights sleep and give your baby the sleep they deserve.  

$320 + ( extended hours available) Book Now 


Skype calls: up to 60 mins 

Parents often request a skype call because they need help with one particular challenge. These challenges are often related to night wakings, sleep regression or babies who have changed their sleeping patterns without needing the hands on approach of a home consult.

$97 Book Now

Email support:

Send me your question and I’ll answer it via email. 

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