Bedtime with less fuss.

It’s the simple things that can make a big difference to help our babies sleep more confidently. 😴 Our little ones may be very little but right from the minute they enter this world it’s new, exciting and a little overwhelming. 🤱This is why it’s important to give our babies confidence when it comes to sleep.
Here I share my simple steps to help your baby settle.
1- Talking, having a conversation with your baby:
You might think that they are too little but verbal communication is very important.
Think about how we chat to our pets! Talking and having conversations with our babies, even though we don’t get much in return for the first few weeks, develops trust and security.
Baby talk is absolutely fine 🙂
2- Sleep attire:
When placing your baby in their swaddle or sleeping bag, it’s best to do this within their sleep environment or inside the cot or bassinet.
Swaddles and sleeping bags are a positive sleep associations however we need to be mindful that not all babies enjoy being swaddled especially with hands tucked away.
It’s also best to use sleeping bags for sleep only whether that is in their bed, pram or even car.
3 – Placing your little one in bed. 🧸
Placing your baby in bed awake is best.
Remember that a baby can lie awake for up to 20 mins happily before they drift off to dreamland. This is perfect because they are confident and enjoy their sleep environment.
Once your baby is in bed, only then close the curtains. This allows them to look around and familiarise themselves with their surroundings. They will start to recognise toys, mobiles or pictures on the wall. They see these before going to sleep and also when they wake. Which gives them a sense of security.
Going into a dark room can create confusion and lack of confidence.
Always respond mindfully and intuitively to your baby when they are unsettled.
4- Waking
First decide if your baby is ready to be awake or needs to be resettled.
Majority of babies will need to be resettled if they have had under 45 mins of sleep or wake crying.
Open the curtains first, before taking your baby out of their bed.
Say Good morning or praise for a great sleep with lots of smiles at nap times.
Then you can reach out to them and pick them up – this step has always been important because they can lie awake in their bed, happy to wait for you and not be in a hurry to be taken out.
Giving your baby confidence to enjoy sleep allows for sleep sustainability and enjoyment.
These might sound very simple steps to implement but creating consistency at every sleep/settling time both for naps and bedtime ( not during the night) it will start to become a sign for them to relax and go to sleep.
Remember consistency using positive actions creates sustainable patterns and more awareness for sleep confidence.

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