Don’t Silence Us- Postnatal Depression

Mental Health or Illness

Not defined by religion, culture, age or any other sociology.

So how do we as a society help our friends, family, work colleagues or the wider community deal with depression and anxiety.

Medication is often the first port of call, that has been my experience, and it certainly has its place.

Natural remedies such as essential oils, herbal potions and vitamins and minerals can also help create more equilibrium within our systems both for mind and body.

Exercise is definitely at the top of the list. Getting at least 30-60 min a day whether it’s walking, cycling, running, weight training or other activities that increase the heart rate.

Mindfulness or meditation to help rest our thoughts and redirect them.

Well balanced diet rich in veggies and fruit and optimal hydration to help maintain a healthy body plus including protein which is the building blocks for all our cells.

But by far most important change and often the tell tale signs of anxiety or depression is not having a goal to work towards. You’ve given up. You can’t see the wood for the trees and anything beyond how you are feeling feels non existent.

Lack of sleep not only is a precursor to depression but will deepen the struggles and is one of the signs that medication is necessary to supplement other remedies.

So here is when it gets interesting, especially for me.

A New Mum
A New Baby

No Sleep
No Routine

Juggling a new role

No Experience
No training

Your are on your own

It is well documented that sleep and routine to help fight depression are one of the biggest steps you can take to help you.

Goal setting on a daily basis.
Routine to help you manage your day.
Knowing that what works for you is going to make you happy.
Positive mindset.


These two don’t seem to apply!!!!


Routine- helps you get back on track, you know what’s ahead and you can plan, your body thrives on routines and your mind will follow. Routine creates awareness, makes us more efficient, saves time, instils good habit, plus a biggie for mums – builds confidence.

Sleep-helps with anxiety, rests the mind, helps reduce stress, improves memory, lowers blood pressure, helps you maintain a healthy weight and improves your mood. Plus so much more.

Yet for new parents – this is far from reality.

A BIG FAT WHY???????

Mums are told to cope

Mums are told it will pass

Mums are being judged

Mums are not supported as individuals


Professionals, guidelines and recommendations but most of all


I urge you when a parent has gained courage to ask for help, ask for an alternative with something that isn’t working for them and especially asking about having no sleep, a baby not sleeping or any other challenges that can make a mum feel anxious and depressed.

That there is help out there and that there is another way.

The worst advice you can give is

You will be OK
It’s normal
It will pass

You don’t know how and what this person is feeling, you don’t know what is going on in their life and just because

To turn anxiety and depression around is helping change what isn’t working.

Medication can play a part in that change but ultimately the mindset and ways of life also need to change to help them journey into the right direction.

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