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Is it normal to feel sleep deprived?

It is common to feel sleep deprived with young children, but you should not accept sleep deprivation as the norm. Sleep deprivation can have damaging effects on you and your baby, both physically and psychologically. Seek help if you are feeling this way.

At what age can I help my baby fall asleep on their own?

The first few weeks is about establishing a bond with your baby. And if you are breastfeeding, it will take you this long to establish a feeding pattern. But once this feeding pattern is established, there is no reason why you can’t begin to introduce a sleeping pattern. This can be done as early as 3 weeks old.

My midwife is around for the first 6 weeks, why would I need more help?

Midwives do an amazing job, but unfortunately those 6 weeks they are available go very fast. Often the challenges we face occur later when there is less support available. I am available for you for when you need support the most. It takes a village to raise a baby, and I can certainly be part of that village.

How long will it take to see a change in my baby’s pattern?

This is very much dependent on the challenges you are facing. In general, you will begin to see a change within 3-5 days if you stick to the advice provided. You and your family will need to be committed to making changes for it to work.

Do you use the Crying It Out method?

No, I don’t believe this is the way to help your baby feel confident and secure enough to fall asleep.

What is your process?

Before I provide any advice, I familiarise myself with your unique situation. This might mean speaking in person, via phone, or Skype depending on the package you have selected. My packages are not one size fits all. My advice is tailored to ensure that it is most effective for your family.

What is your background?

First and foremost, I am a Mum of 3 beautiful children. I have 20+ years of experience in Women’s Health. I have worked as a Registered Nurse, a Plunket Nurse, and as a Health and Wellness Coach.

Can I contact you for a chat?

Of course! Click on the contact icon to schedule a chat, call me on 021 874 749, or email me at trish@babycoach.co.nz

Can I ask for more help after I have seen you once?

Yes, all of my packages have follow-up options available.

Do you travel outside of Auckland?

Yes, and I love to help all families regardless of their location in New Zealand. Please note that travel expenses may be charged for locations outside of Auckland.


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