Reflux in babies

Does your baby suffer from reflux?


Reflux – A diagnoses that is so common among babies these days that I have started to look into how easily doctors are giving antacids to babies as young as 2-3 weeks old.

Absolutely babies do suffer from reflux however diagnoses should be done after all other possible symptoms have been eliminated.

Through many years working with babies around sleep and feeding.

I am seeing babies diagnosed with reflux more often, are also having feeding and sleep problems and are readily being diagnosed with colic by many GP’s

I challenge some of these diagnoses.

A 15 min doctor visit in my opinion doesn’t allow for thorough health and wellbeing check and what could be the root of the cause for unsettled babies.

This research is very recent and I am sure there will be more too come.

Yes even if your baby doesn’t have true reflux an antacid will help settle them a little but so will good feeding patterns, sleep patterns and more confidence within our mums.

Why have I shared this you may ask.

I have worked with several babies who have been diagnosed with reflux and have been taken off this medication after getting better feeding and sleep routines in place.

It is still a medication🤔

If you are reading this and have a baby that may be struggling and showing signs of reflux there are many ways to help your baby without antacids.…/sc-hlth-babies-antacids-an…

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