Is it time to revisit the SIDS research?

It’s been on my mind for years.

Do I or don’t I

What will people say?

How will it be received?

Many thoughts are rushing through my head many times of the day.

Many clients I talk to are struggling

They feel judged

They ask themselves

Why is it we are not listened too?

Why do I feel I need to hide the decision I have made from those who are supposed to have our backs?

I ask myself

Why are mums and their babies crammed into one ideology.

So the big question is🤔

Is it time for a change?

A change to how we support our mums and their babies?

A change in our thinking towards positioning babies not for possibilities of risk but for better sleep and comfort.

Is it time to look at each mum and baby as individuals. Why are we not doing this already?

It is over 30 years old.

Times have changed fewer people are smoking, more medical advancements, technology improvements.

Plus not to mention that it’s never really been proven as to WHY!

Is it time to revisit the SIDS research seeing it’s now over 30 years old?

This might send shivers down your spine but for me I needed to get this of my chest.

I know I’ll be judged by some😞

But I know 💕

I’m a voice for many new mums who are right now struggling with sleep deprivation because of fear and judgement of the word – position❗️

Your thoughts?

5 Responses

  • Hi, the studies are ongoing… you can find more information in there are a few published there. Although it is true SIDS deaths have decreased over the years, the level of healthcare overall has also improved in all areas. You won’t be judged as long as you tell your readers this is your personal opinion.

  • Rather than looking just at a baby’s sleep position, age of mother, smoking etc, how about vaccines. VIDS – Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome. A child in NZ is vaccinated at six weeks of age and the vitamin K shot given at birth. What damage are all these toxic ingredients doing to a young baby’s brain? Nowadays mothers are being vaccinated while pregnant. How is this good for a developing foetus/baby. This is complete madness.

    Two very interesting videos here of many worth watching and opening ones eyes to other possibilities of SIDS.

    Beautiful 20 month old passed away overnight 17 days post vaccine. Autopsy report showed SIDS. Here is the parents story:

    SIDS Technician tells her story:

    Now, I know I’ll be judged by some for my comment.

    • Thanks R, Its all about giving informative information so that mums can make up their own minds and make choices that best suits their family and their lifestyles. This should always be allowed without active judgement.

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