Do you need help with sleep?

Do these questions sound familiar?

“Help, my baby will only catnap for 30 min”

“Help, my baby will only fall asleep on me”

“How do I help my baby sleep better?”

Parents of newborns often struggle with getting their baby to sleep, especially in the first 6 weeks.

Babies in the first 2 weeks often feed and sleep lots and I mean lots.

This is very normal.

Both mum and baby are still getting to know each and the bond between mother and baby is very important.

So why after a couple of weeks babies change and have troubles getting themselves of too sleep?

It’s because of certain patterns that have been created.

Some call them sleep associations but I like call them patterns or habits.

This ebook will help you recognise these patterns and change them gently in your own time.


The ebook will help you recognise why your baby is hard to settle.

Give you knowledge and tools to help your baby sleep better.

Plus get the sleep you deserve.

Did you say you would love more sleep!

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