Sleep Myths

Sleep Training Myths 👎

Myth 1️⃣
It isn’t normal for babies to sleep through the night.

First of all this means my own babies and my clients babies are all abnormal🤔
Sleeping through the night isn’t really what it seems. Adults don’t sleep through night either. Sleep is cyclical and both babies and adults wake between their sleep cycles. It’s the ability to go back to sleep confidently allows uninterrupted sleep.

Babies can’t self soothe. 👎

Most of the time they don’t even get a chance to self soothe. With mittens, swaddles and lots of gadgets babies don’t have much space to develop early motor skills such as sucking on hands or fingers. There is more emphasis on food if they are sucking on their hands than the ability to self settle due to reflexes and development stages.

Myth 3️⃣
It is only short lived. 👎

Often I hear that parents have attempted sleep training but due to growth spurts, illness , development and travel, they have given up. Reality is that any of these stages shouldn’t hinder a babies sleep long term. These stages are only short term and it’s up to the parents to continue with the knowledge they have to keep the confident sleep patterns going or return to them.

There are reasons babies don’t sleep👍

Yes there will be reasons why a baby isn’t sleeping and that is exactly why it’s a good idea to seek advice and support to see who can help. Sometimes it takes someone neutral to see what might needs to be changed.

Society tells you👎

Everyone has their opinions and that is ok. What does make me just a bit mad is that with mental health a very hot topic and sleep being a very big part of recovery. Sleep deprivation for a parents is normalised. Plus we shouldn’t be judging parenting styles.

Sleep training means CIO 👎

It certainly does not. Helping a baby to sleep more confidently can be very gentle and nurturing experience with some grizzling but certainly not distressed crying or leaving your baby without responding.

I never said it was easy but with individual guidance, support and follow up it certainly is very achievable💕


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