As a Baby Coach, Trish Martin has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide you through your parenting challenges. She’s passionate about babies and will work closely with you to find the right solutions for you and your wee one. Hear what her clients have to say about her…


Working with Trish has been so valuable in establishing breastfeeding for my second child. After a stressful experience with my first baby, I decided to be as prepared as possible with feeding my second baby. I found Trish on Facebook and really liked her style- practical, common sense and positive. We had a hospital and home visit with follow up contact at anytime. Trish’s approach was really helpful, especially when you just want clear advice. I’m beyond happy that our son is thriving and have had such a positive experience this time around. Take some time to invest in good support in advance. Thanks Trish!

Janelle Hawken


I had been recommended by a close friend to contact Trish for any troubles I had that were baby related so I did exactly that once my new born twins were born.
Within the first 10 days, my husband and I were having difficulty settling both babies, our little girl in particular. Trish was fantastic! She came over to our place and gave us some great advice and suggestions then put her wonderful knowledge to good use. With the techniques she used on our babies, they instantly became very settled and went to sleep easily. Our twins are almost one month and I am still using Trish’s settling techniques. She has even helped with winding issues that are now under control. Trish has this amazing aura about her that is very calming. Perfect for settling babies! She has given me so much confidence and I feel I can now be the mother I’ve always wanted to be. I would recommended Trish in a heartbeat!
Olivia Patton ( mum of twins )

A friend of mine recommended Trish to me as I was pulling my hair out with a beautiful baby girl who struggled so much with staying asleep during the day and the night. Trish offered non judgemental support and advice and helped me formulate a routine that works for my family. Only a few days later both my children are thriving from the routine and her recommendations. I am so glad that I made the decision to get in touch! I wish I had done it so much sooner! Thank you so much for bringing sleep back in my life.

Michelle Jean Wright


Trish came to my place to help me sort out my 4 month olds sleeping patterns. He was waking up multiple times in the night for no apparent reason and it was not sustainable for him or I and I was becoming sleep deprived and not able to function properly. She took the time to chat to me getting to know the situation and a plan was made. I now have the confidence to know what to do when he wakes and he is sleeping really well and a much happier baby because of it. I cannot recommend you enough Trish, you have helped us tremendously. Thanks for being very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable 😊

Natalie Gribbens


With a 7 month old that had had three hospital admissions in his life and never slept through the night and food intolerances galore…we were at a loss as to how to regain some normalcy in our lives, and become dual parents again to our 3.5yr old as well.  In desperation for a good night sleep and some faith that I actually hadn’t forgotten how to parent, I emailed Trish, the Baby Coach. After a few detailed emails, Trish came to our house and sat with us for 2 hours and did a thorough “investigation” into the the life of our little boy.  She assessed all aspects of his routine, feeding, playing, sleeping (or lack thereof) and gave us some excellent suggestions on how to get things back on track.  Some “cold turkey” changes were necessary but we were happy with that as we actually wanted action.  By sticking to her plan the benefits to us all were immediate.  He started feeding better, therefore was happier and within about 2 weeks was completely self-settling and sleeping 12-13 hours a night plus two naps during the day.  The colour started returning to our cheeks and the dark circles of doubt disappeared.  Thanks to Trish we actually feel human again, and our entire family is more settled, less stressed out.  More importantly we have a bouncing happy baby that is growing better than ever and smiling every day! We would absolutely call on the services that Trish offers if we ever needed them in future and I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Trish at BabyCoach provided us with invaluable advice and insight that allowed us to make huge improvements to both our babies and our own happiness and wellbeing. She is truly motivated by a genuine desire to see mothers and babies thrive, looking holistically at the environment and other factors to identify solutions and steps that will work for our family. Her prompt responses to my many (many) questions and her willingness to be available to help “after hours” and on weekends was very much appreciated. We now have a happier baby and I can enjoy parenthood the way it was meant to be. I only wish we contacted her sooner!
Tracey Moxely


We have a very curious baby, and he wasn’t sleeping nearly as much as he should/needed to be – especially during the day. At 7 weeks we knew we’d all benefit from a routine, but as new parents we weren’t quite sure where to start – but Trish was a tremendous help. She was great with our little guy and explained why and how aspects of a routine would help. At one stage I was almost ready to give up, but Trish was hugely supportive and encouraging – by phone, email and even in person. We stuck with it and now our little boy is more independent and much calmer than before – and best of all, he settles happily into his bassinet (no more sleeping on Mummy!) both day and night, and is getting closer to the amount of sleep he needs! I’ve gained back confidence in what I’m doing as a new mum – thanks Trish for helping us get on the right track.


Trish has been a huge help to me and my baby girl Emelia.   Trish came to my house when Emelia was five weeks old.  At this point Emelia was crying a lot and not sleeping during the day in her bassinette.  I thought she was colicky as her cries appeared to be for no reason.  Trish advised me that she was overtired and showed me how to rock her to sleep in the bassinette with the aid of white noise.
A few weeks later Emelia failed to gain any weight, which I found incredibly stressful as she still refuses the bottle – making it impossible to top her up with formula.  Trish advised me to increase my diet –  particularly my protein intake in order to increase my milk supply.  At the time, I did not realise I had an issue with milk supply, but looking back it is clear that I did.  Emelia was also spilling a lot which was very discouraging as I was desperate for the milk to stay in her!!  Trish’s advice to cut out citrus and kiwifruit from my diet has worked and now her spills are few and far between.
It has been a very positive experience keeping in touch with Trish – absolutely invaluable to have expert advice when needed!! I would definitely recommend Trish to anyone with a newborn.

Trish came and spoke with my antenatal group when my first born was 5 weeks old. I remember instantly feeling a connection with her, even though I was just one, in a room full of nervous mums. Everything was so new and foreign and Trish’s down to earth approach, mixed with her practical advice, made me instantly feel at ease. I loved her focus on looking after yourself as a mum, and the level headed approach to introducing new routines to our little ones. She was not judgemental in the slightest and you could tell that she genuinely had both yours and your babies’ best interest at heart. I would completely recommend her to any new mum, to help navigate the first few weeks / months of becoming parent.