How do I transfer my baby into a cot?

Your baby is growing quickly, and for you and your emotions, far too quickly!

We can’t turn back time and at some point comes the realization that your little baby is no longer fitting inside their bassinette or moses basket.

Babies grow at different rates but whatever age or weight your baby is if the time has come to transfer your baby from their cozy comfort of the bassinette, into their cot.

So this blog is for you.

You may not be emotionally ready but your baby is kicking the end of the bassinette, hitting the sides with their hands and possibly even waking themselves up because of it.

Note that some bassinettes also have safety restrictions as far as the weight of your baby.

Another reason for moving a baby into their cot and their own room is when you’re being woken up: not because of feeding, but because your baby is just so noisy.

Yes babies are very noisy when they sleep and often if your baby is just left and not fed they will resettle to go back to sleep. However when your baby is beside you, it will be very hard to ignore and so this maybe time to transfer them out of your room into their own.

Transitioning to a cot can be a big step for both baby and their parents.

It may even be more of a big deal if you’re moving your bub not only to a cot but also into their own room.

So here are some steps to help you make that transition easier.

  1. If you’re swaddling – this maybe a good time to stop swaddling and introduce your baby to a sleeping bag.

Swaddling is best up to the age of 8 -12 weeks. Around this age most babies outgrow their bassinettes.

My recommendation is to introduce your baby to a sleeping bag prior to moving your baby into the cot. This is a positive sleep association. The sleeping bag is now a prop that your baby knows and recognizes.

  1.     Use the same sheets for a few days that your baby has slept on. A smell is very receptive for you baby so using a sheet, cuddly or toy without washing it helps with the comfort of a new environment.
  1.     If you’re moving your baby into another room into a cot. A suggestion that will help is to actually put the bassinette with your baby in it, into the cot first for few sleeps. Why you ask? Visually babies know and recognize their environment they are sleeping in. Pictures on the wall, contrast of windows and walls, toys or mobiles. So giving your baby the visual anticipation of knowing where they are going to sleep is a positive sign. Then after a few days you can then put them straight into the cot.
  1.    Keep the routine the same. Just because your moving your baby either into a different room or cot. Doesn’t mean the feeding –sleep regime needs to change. Remember your baby will respond best to consistency. There may be a few days of restlessness, so try not to give in. Use the resettling technique. If you wonder off form the norm they will accustom themselves to a new routine and it will be harder to get them back to what was previously
  2.   Once in the cot try not to  move them back.
  3. Inconsistency wreaks havoc for babies and toddlers.

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