Trusting your gut instinct or intuition.

Your newborn has arrived which means whole new adventure awaits you. 

Your personal priorities and responsibilities are changing. You no longer need to only take care of yourself but also a tiny little human being who is reliant on you for everything.

It’s all new this motherhood thing. Your baby has had all their needs met inside the womb for 9 months. But once they make their exciting entrance into this outside world, it can become a very confusing time for you. 

 Advice freely flows from many directions. Friends and family will share stories to what has worked best for them and often are adamant their way is the best way. You may start to feel overwhelmed by the endless list of considerations, methods, techniques, and philosophies around parenting. You are reading books, googling the internet searching as much information possible so that you feel well informed.  

But can too much information actually be a bad thing?

Yes absolutely.

Too much information will start to confuse you and mix this with new mummy hormones, a bucket full of expectations, comparing yourself to others, not feeling good enough and not to mention sleep deprivation. It can lead to anxiety and possibly mental health issues such as postnatal distress and depression 

You start not to trust yourself. 

But this is exactly the time when your intuition or your gut feeling are the most important. 

No matter how much you know, no matter how much you read and no matter how much information you take on board. Nothing is more powerful than what you already know within yourself and know to be true. 

So how do I listen to my gut instinct?

Let’s have a look at what intuition really is first. 

Your intuition isn’t just a thought

It’s a thought and a physical feeling combined. You can’t trust your intuition unless you have both of these in unison. A thought that accompanies a gut feeling. This gut feeling may feel like a fear or excitement. 

Both feelings are there to rescue you. 

The feeling of fear with jitters, nausea, heart palpitations and other possible physical signs are there to stop you from walking into danger. The feeling of excitement, positivity feeling peace in your heart and stomach, warmth and that fuzzy feeling will help you move in the right direction.

 Environment also plays a big role on how effective you are able to tune into your intuition. 

Negative environment and obstacles that will stop you trusting your intuition are:


-Feeling overwhelmed


-Sleep deprivation

-Pressure of others especially other mums 

-Health and wellbeing

-And lack of time

How do we create an environment to give ourselves the space to trust? 

-First be aware of your surroundings

-Observe your energy levels. 

-Pay attention to whether being around someone makes you feel tired and drained or energetic and lively.

-Capture your thoughts that pop up in your mind and visualise them.

-Pay attention to what is going on around you. 

Then to be able to make decisions you need to:

-Be ready to let bad feelings go

-Find time to be silent and still.

-Create space to focus- nature

-Commit to making a decision

-Reconnect with your better self.

-Clear away negativity.

-Do a reality check.

-Make a choice and see how you feel.

-Prepare responses to naysayers to help set boundaries.

Plus it’s important to install daily habits to make trusting your intuition easier. 

-Meditate – at least 5 min or more daily

-Exercise to increase endorphins

-Eating healthy 

-Time for you 

Remember you are making decisions for you

Once you have these skills trusting you intuition becomes so much easier and life will become more enjoyable and empowering.

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