Monthly You & Your Baby classes

Every second Month Trish offers a class for babies 0-3 months.

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Coffee Groups/Antenatal Class 

Great way to get your antenatal class or a group of mums together face to face, held in your own home.

Price $20 per person for a group of 8 or more within the Auckland area.

If you are outside Auckland and wish to organise a group catch up please contact Trish directly.

Under 8 price on application.

These group catch ups are also suited to expectant mums who wish to gain confidence and get advice before their baby’s are born.


Feeding  – breast and bottle

Sleep.      – settling, swaddling, napping and awake times

Winding – techniques and length of time

Recognising baby’s cues

Promoting good sleep and feeding patters

Setting up your baby’s nursery

Developmental milestones

How to manage your time and gain confidence

Relationship changes

Plus so much more